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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Silly Games We Play

I hate, may I repeat, HATE the games people play with each other. People are people, humans, and they have feelings...ok not all of them but most of the ones I have come across do. And the truth is, we treat people so horribly. "PSH not me" you say. And maybe you don't, intentionally. I would like to think I don't either. But sadly I do.

We lie, all the time, to our family, our teachers, our friends, our loved ones, ourselves. We tell people we are sick cause we don't want to make the time to see them, we tell teachers our computers crash cause didn't do our homework, we tell loved ones we're fine when really Niagara falls is about to come out of our eyes, we tell our friends they look great in that outfit cause we don't want to be percieved as hateful, we tell ourselves we are ugly cause we don't want to admit people might be right when they call us beautiful.

We cheat. At board games, on papers, on tests. We cheat cause we don't want to put in the work we know is necessary to be great. Yes, we understand how difficult the whatever-it-is is, but that doesn't mean we have to do all of that work. The truth is when you cheat, you really don't hinder anyone but ourselves. We hold us back by not letting ourselves try and fail until we succeed.

We criticize. We look in the mirror and pick ourselves apart, we look at others and undermine them with our words. We say teachers suck when really there was a miss understanding, we criticize food when we should be thankful we can eat, we criticize beliefs because they contradict our own. And for what?

We steal guys from friends, information from websites, food from the dining hall, a candy bar from the convince store, most importantly we steal people's trust and then misuse it.

There are little things we do everyday that negatively impacts ourselves or someone else. No one is perfect, that is not expected, But take some time to promote positivity. No more hate games, no more separation, no more unnecessary actions. Spend the day being a better you, people will notice.

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