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Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Day before day 100

I still have this blog, I know I never write, I am awful at blogging, I am also awful at self control and losing weight. So since I suck at all three of these things I am going to mash them into one and change my world in 100 days.

For the next 100 days I am blogging every day, eating clean, working out, and reshaping my life. I feel like the reason I never succeed in my weight loss battles is because I never hold my self accountable. I don;t tell anyone and so I am able to give in and continue my path of a better tomorrow that never comes.

Even though I have no idea who reads this, or if anyone least it is a way to keep track of what I do and hold myself accountable. Tonight is my last night before my 100 day challenge, I will start off with listing my beginning weight, some pictures of myself and what I want out of this experience.

Every day I will post how I feel about myself, work on my confidence, and let you know my great tidbits. Once a week (Sundays) I will weigh in and post a new picture. Then once a month I will set a new goal for myself and create a progress chart.

Here goes nothing...Ready. Set. Create a better me.

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