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Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Style

I don't play games, I understand what you mean because I listen, I appreciate your friendship and give you mine in return, I don't like crying for attention, I flirt for me not you, If you think I'm just another girl I'm not.

You know the whole year I have been up at ASU I have yet to meet someone I would even remotely consider dating. I know seems impossible right?? There are close to 40,000 people on campus everyday and I can;t find one. The truth is, even though there are so many people, I feel like I see the same guys every day. Really, they look the same, study the same things, have the same friends, use the same language, are in the same frat, treat women and sex the same way.

And although some of these guys are a little attractive, they just aren't cutting it. I like brains, and wit, and charm. I want a guy that holds his own and laughs at himself as much as I expect him to laugh at me. I want a guy who KNOWS he is good at something yet never gloats. I don't really care how you look, I don't have a set type. But tall is nice. You know at this point I am ready to throw all the qualities I like out the window just to find a guy that is up for more than a good screw.

I am not looking for happy ever after, I have my own life to live and my own goals to reach. I'm not going to treat you like you're the king of the world and I can't go on with out you, but I will let you know that I think of you through out my day, and I enjoy being with you. I won't put out on the third date, or the seventh, really not at all. I'm good with parents, and you're friends will like me cause I understand how important sports are.

I know, these are things you have heard girls say time and time again and then they end up being crazy as all hell and try to break into your house just to see you sleeping. I'm not like that.

I know I am unique and good for someone out there, and I will continue to be myself until the right guy finds me pretty snazzy the way I am.

But I just thought I would share my style when it came to guys, and spread the word of being 150% yourself with a dude/dudette. There is no reason to live a lie when someone was looking for the truth.

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Choirchick22 said...

I love this so much. Even the boys where I am at are like this. They are either mormon (off limits) or they just want to fool around. It's so rare to find nice interesting guys! Especially one who won't cheat on you.